Kardeslerim Episode 76 English Subtitles

Also known as The Sibling, Kadir, Ömer, Asiye ve Emel… The mother Hatice and their father Veli all living a happy and peaceful life, they may not have any money their the hearts of these beautiful four siblings are full of love… Until that dark day the puts a huge cloud of darkness over their lives, leaving them orphaned with broken hearts… Turkish series Kardeslerim english subtitles.
Not knowing where or what else life is going to throw at them, four siblings who have nothing and no one but each other to hold onto, young enough to struggle to be able to stand on their own. Then there is Akif Atakul who is looking for a way of getting out and free of what he has done… Turkish series Kardeslerim english subtitles.
Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel have found a place to stay. While their aunt Şengül continues to find a way to be rid of them permanently, she also does not ignore the opportunity to use their drama to her advantage. Akif Atakul does everything that he can to cover-up what he has done. Akif has become an expert at removing every obstacle that appears before him, but this time he has reached such an unexpected obstacle. Turkish series Kardeslerim english subtitles.
While in order to care for his siblings, Kadir is looking for a job day and night, Ömer and Oğulcan get themselves in serious trouble. This situation becomes the beginning of a battle between the rich and poor children that will never go away. Turkish series Kardeslerim english subtitles.

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