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Yurek Cikmazi Episode 13 English Subtitles

Also known as The Dead Heart, the drama is about the story of a family from Usak who migrates to Istanbul. Cennet, who has been working since she was young and getting ready for marriage, marries Yılmaz, whom she fell in love with, and comes to Istanbul from her village as a bride. As a result of their marriage, which lasted almost forty years, they have three children. The marriage, which started “in good times and bad times”, ends with Cennet’s paralysis and death. She left behind three tearful children and a husband. However, the letter that emerges after the funeral, turns upside down the facts that everyone believes. As it turns out, the letter Cennet penned before her death blames her husband. This causes a division between the siblings: Feride, who always loves her father unconditionally and stands by his side, Birsen, who is used to obeying everything not to be harmed, and Halil, who has not sided with his father for a long time. As a result of her research over time, Cennet’s lawyer manages to find evidence to prove the accuracy of this claim. Turkish series Yurek Cikmazi english subtitles.

In fact, this is not difficult at all, as Yılmaz is a man who has always been violent to not only his wife but his children as well. Although this is an open secret to everyone around, no one has dared to stand up against out, instead, they remain silent, especially Cennet. The letter she leaves before she dies is proof to show the truth is crystal clear. Although it is painful for the three siblings to decide where to stand and return to their unfinished reckoning in the past; in time, they decide to heal their wounds and begin to struggle to become a family again. Meanwhile, a great love arises between Halil and Zeynep, the lawyer who deals with his mother’s case. Zeynep fights for both Halil and Cennet. Turkish series Yurek Cikmazi english subtitles.